Looks to Rock!

Good day my heart Divas!!!

They are all in love today? RS

Well, I know it’s short notice, but there’s still time!

Valentine’s day is the day on which the woman needs to feel beautiful and powerful. And that is the day that our boyfriends/husbands/rolled more love display us and say that we are of them! Lol …

When I commented with the Ju that post she told me: “But nor is there a right outfit to wear on Valentine’s day!”, and doesn’t really exist, but how we must be beautiful, the ideal is to retire the beloved pair of jeans and sneaker to wear that mega jump divo we let separately for special occasions! RS

A sweet reader on PROEXCHANGERATES asked us to help him mount a special look for today. Mari bought a short pleated skirt like this that I used here and to this day I still didn’t use because you don’t know how to match it!

Particularly, I love to combine this outfit with shirts, but I think Valentine’s day deserves a look more glam, then rode these two options and I hope you enjoy!

In the first picture, I decided to put together a look more chiqueto, for a more formal occasion. I loved that shirt and my mother has a super like that so I’m seriously considering steal it! lol … As the look was all black, I thought I’d invest in a different sandal, with a “q” and loved the result!

In the second, put a look super copyable which is a great option for a dinner for two, I thought it was chic, young and classy at the same time! As the photo is pretty short shorts, I chose to put a royal blue blazer on top to make it clear that we believe sets and we’re not all flirty. Lol

Derek, but I don’t want to wear a skirt/short because it’s cold I wish or simply because my legs don’t look like those of Veveta! RS

No problems!

But then let’s put a fake leather pants or with a ticidinho more tchan huh?! Everybody wears jeans every day, we’re going to do something different for the boy. And one thing is certain: every man loves leather. Lol

I think that almost all have this fetish! How is fairer and makes the body straight gives sexy visual hint:

Now if you’re the type chiquetosa and classic, prepare a little red dress is what you get! I don’t have anything more classic than red on Valentine’s day, and when I got the idea to put together a look with dress my first thought was: “have to be red!” … This is that wildcard dress from a Valentine’s dinner to a wedding without a doubt! RS

Last, but not least, I’m going to show you that you have 99% chance to be my chosen! RS

YESSSS! My short skirt from Aliexpress has arrived, and it already has a post about it! I didn’t give him 10, but note is super usable. As I can’t buy something and didn’t debut, I can’t wait to use it and I thought I’d combine it with a ball I bought in the collection of Ashi to C & the beautiful to live! In my head, the result will be something like this:

And then girls … What do you think?

You know what #Lookdodia or #Lookdanoite? Lol

Anyone with Instagram don’t forget to take a picture and select the people with #entredivas that we will post the looks here on the blog! RS