Look of the Day: All Black!

Good Morning Girls!

All right with you?

Well … Yesterday was a holiday here in our town so we took advantage of the day to stay with the family, rest a little bit and, of course, celebrate with Marcella who went second in one of the contests you did!! So proud of you cousin! I know that this is just the first of many that are yet to come!

So, in the middle of the “vuco-vuco”, we get off this second, but we’re coming back with a vengeance!

Taking advantage of this wave of celebrations, photographed the look that I used to go to a bar with the people. I had just bought these pants and was dying to use! Don’t recriminem me, pleaseee! I blew two pants trying to rip ’em off and could not, finally, epic and I decided to buy! Hottie of the group is the Mah and not me! lol

Of course repentance hit when it came to Bill the card but let bygones be bygones. lol

BTW, I decided to combine my pants with that black regatinha collection of 284 for the ClothesBliss the turned my beats-dry! Use horrors! lol

And then girls …. What do you think?