Littlelife – Children Love These Backpacks

Whether boy or girl, children enjoy bags of any kind. Proudly, they store their important treasures to have them always with you. They play with handbags, briefcases, shopping bags, but most them buckle to the own backpack is. If the little ones on your discovery tours the provisions, perhaps a change-T-shirt, and her luck even wear, then are they pretty independent. LittleLife has developed a special series, which makes children’s eyes shine. Watch how your child turns into a small ladybug, for example.

LittleLife animal toddler kids backpack

Or rather in the beloved bee Maja, a clownfish, a giraffe, or should it be but the Dino. There is a whole zoo of choice. A waterproof hood is integrated into the backpack, which completes the indescribably cute look if necessary. LittleLife no wishes remain open. These backpacks Rapture each and are suitable for children between one and four years. A name tag and a removable lifeline is located inside, so you certainly have their teasing, small adventurers in mind. Read more information here.

LittleLife DriStore kids backpack

The LittleLife DriStore child backpack with its five litres capacity volume is greater than the animal toddler. So you can pack a lot for a trip. This backpack has a water-repellent, it is ideal for beach or pool actions. So the children between a crocodile or a whale can choose, depending on what water animal they prefer more. The shoulder straps and chest strap can be individually adjusted to the size of the kids. You should also do this due to the large capacity so that the load is transported as possible back meet. Here you can find the exact dates for the popular kids backpack.

LittleLife child animal trolley

Animal enthusiasm may not come even when smaller traveling. Because with a turtle or a Dino-trolley makes it even more fun, Granny and Grandpa to visit but the best friend. LittleLife very sturdy thick nylon material used for this case, the rubber rollers are ball bearings and the stable telescopic handle can easily hide behind a zipper. Reach the main compartment children over a large, sturdy zipper, there is also a small accessories bag included. The handling is child-friendly. You can send your slip easily on trips and at the end of a thrilling story certainly you, what has experienced everything the turtle or the Dino. You can find more details on the Kindertrolley by LittleLife here.


The LittleLife UK manufacturer specializes in products for our youngest adventurers. For more than 20 years, designing child-friendly designs, and regularly receive prices for your products. As families be inspired again and again on your own discovery tours. The products are stable, tested and comply with safety standards.

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