Lingerie for Valentine’s Day

Valentine or not, whether single or not, beautiful lingerie just needs every woman. This morning I read that lingerie on the list of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts very top. The men, their is therefore not entirely wrong, if you your loved one gives something hot layering. If you decide on lingerie as a gift, you should definitely consider these three golden rules: The Three Golden Rules When Buying Lingerie for Your Sweetheart

  1. Look at the style of your friend more closely. Wearing them like Snoopy & Co are to be found exclusively strings in her lingerie drawer or is it on top? Bring variety to their collection, but do not be cocky. The Snoopy Lieberhaberin will hardly break at the sight of varnish laundry in joy storms.
  2. When style check you can also equal the right size Nothing is more frustrating than to a large bra. If it is consistent list-Out seamstress: Grab just their favorite bra and take it with you into the laundry business of your trust. The ladies at engelhorn Wäschehaus recognized from two meters, which size is right and help you arrange.
  3. In the color choice you should make sure that the color suits their skin tone and does not look cheap.Red can be sexy if it’s the right tone. Thumbs up for: burgundy, purple or burgundy. Thumbs Down for: fire red or bright red – these colors are not tempting, but cheap.

Did you know that women’s underwear sewn during the Second World War made of parachute silk?Even in wartime did not waive elegant silk underwear the ladies. Yes, we are women.

Seductive NIGHTGOWN of Lise Charmel with matching BRA and STRING  in floral lace.

Also a master duo of seduction of lace and satin of MAISON CLOSE.

A romantic bra and two combinations of the French lingerie brand CHANTELLE.

Who does not know: The pearl string obtained by Samantha in Sex and the City  fame. BODY and STRING of Bracli.

A sensual and playful combination with floral lace from HEIDI KLUM INTIMATES collection.

Beautiful, delicate lingerie tulle with delicate embroideries of PASSIONATA.


Believe it or not: 70% of women wear the wrong bra size, and wonder why it tweaks or how to stir their shoulder pain. If you are unsure when your size is better to shop and let you measure, the difference is really sensational!