Line Already Allows You to Either Sell Their Own Stickers

The competition in the instant messaging services is being brutal, with constant innovations by more major actors of the sector. It is now LINE who has decided to move tab with one of the movements more ambitious, but take some time announced.

And it is that few hours ago the registry has been opened so that anyone interested can sell your own stickers on LINE shop. It is certainly a big advantage that you will give this service a distinctive note and that it will make many want to use it to get stickers of various works.

The service is open to all countries that accept PayPal, which are practical most of the planet, since payments will be made in this way, the problem comes when the stickers that are sent are not available in the world at the moment, only they will go on sale in Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand, Although it is more likely that end coming in the next few weeks to the rest of the world.

The stickers must be approved in advance to meet rules, dimensions, thematic, and to avoid violating copyright. Once accepted the price will be for 100 yen, about €0.70 at current Exchange, being half of the money line and the other half for the author, a not very expensive price but that it would be good to increase price for special large quantity of stickers sets.