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Do we really need an antivirus for our smartwatch? Intel and McAfee believe yes

The expected popularizing the smartwatch in the coming years will drag behind other industries that could also grow incredibly. Instinctively, we think of accessories manufacturers and, within these, those who specialize in smart watches straps.Undoubtedly, the belts could become the next few years a fixture that moves many millions annually as covers and cases for smartphones.

What else could go favored industries of popularizing the smartwatch? Is anyone thinking about antivirus? Exactly, no. Well yes, there is one exception two bigwigs in the technology industry such as Intel and McAfee want to join forces to create an antivirus for smartwatch , a concept already collides to the point to ask ourselves if we have not gone too far with this in the protection of our devices.

Specifically, Intel wants to develop an antivirus for the newly introduced LG Watch Urbane LTE in collaboration with McAfee, a veteran in this business. When a reporter asked the head of Intel for the reason of its creation, this has ensured thathad found security flaws in appliances such as air conditioners to what, without thinking twice, added the following: “Like any device that connect to a network, you’ll want to protect it with the passage of time”.

Indeed, and this is a purely personal view, the term “antivirus” already it sounds archaic, refers me to an age of technology (I think) have overcome. While these may still have some sense in computers – I have not used any in my whole life, I think use in smartphones, smart watches and any other type of mobile device should be absolutely ruled out .

Antivirus, that big business at the expense of all those who still believe that a hacker spy them for their webcam while sleeping

For all that currently serve the so-called “antivirus” in smartphones it is to consume resources unnecessarily, because it is not even proven effective against an alleged case of actual attack. As to reports from The Verge , it is very likely that this project of Intel and McAfee finally come to nothing, but nothing in this world would make me grace to meet someone in a few years to teach me his “new and powerful antivirus smartwatch”.