LG Prada II, More Specifications

Replace the LG Prada is not a role excessively complicated, despite its success, it was one of the first phones with touch screen that appeared on the market and had some elements can be improved. A few months ago we met the first information about his replacement, now we have some data that provide, although they are not officially unconfirmed.

LG He decided to join the future Prada with a keyboard QWERTY slider, question that I personally thank, but that I consider very interesting for the market that is intended for the terminal, making it bigger and heavier than if we didn’t have this option. Anyway I still recognizing that I find it more comfortable to write on keyboard display.

We have a screen similar to the of the Samsung Omnia, with 3 inches (240 x 400, 262,000 colors) and in addition to the mentioned QWERTY keyboard, We have a terminal GSM / EDGE and dual-band HSDPA (850 MHz / 2100 MHz), interesting to note that it has WiFi connectivity, as well as Bluetooth 2.1 support.

LG announced the 8-megapixel the KC910, the new Prada with 5 megapixel camera is no surprise to anyone, but I think that it may be sufficient for most users. The camera is equipped with a flash type LED and autofocus.

The phone will give us the chance to listen to the FM radio and will feature increasingly common motion sensor, its dimensions are on 104.5 x 54 x 16.8 mm, smaller than a iPhone in general, but with greater depth to the sliding keyboard is having.

Other technical details are 950 mAh battery, and that the phone features the circuitry of the company Infineon (MP-EH + M180 chipset), producers of many elements in the new iPhone 3G.

It is good to be cautious before the rumors, but that the information come from The Boy Genius Report, It always gives a point of credibility, they are almost always right. On its release date is not yet known, we will keep you informed.