LG KP100, a Mobile for Less from €50

The LG KP100 It is a mobile phone in its pure State, calls, SMS and little else. A terminal that is intended to cover the basic ranges prepaid operators and all those who do not need complications or functions extra.

So we can find it hovering around 50 euros free and by somewhat less subsidy of operator. In return we have a dual GSM terminal, with a very attractive design and without being a brick, thickness stays at 12.9 mm and weight in grams approx. 65 light.

In terms of technical features little that outline, 1.5-inch screen, 128 x 128 pixels and 65,000 colors. What is most striking is the memory capacity, internal reaches the 100MB while the expansion slot accepts cards microSD of up to 4GB. Capacity that we basically used to store documents because it has no MP3 player.

And not a convenient method of connectivity, Bluetooth, or USB, although according to the manufacturer’s technical sheet if available synchronization with the PC, so we must assume that it will be a proprietary solution.

Another aspect that should be important on a mobile phone of this type is the autonomy of the battery, the of the KP100 provides 450 hours standby and 260 minutes in conversation, it seems scarce in a terminal without elements that consume too much energy.

Finally, say that it also incorporates speaker, that its full dimensions are 99.8 x 45.5 x 12.9 mm and is available in the colors of the following images.