LG GM730, with S-Class on Windows Mobile

For a while now, and obviare the fact that someone has driven them to it, different telephony manufacturers seem to have discovered deskmod, this pastime which consists of visually modify the native interface of an operating system, often for worse and, rare times, for the better. The LG GM730 It is a terminal with Windows Mobile that adds to this fashion.

Inlay in a tight suit that allows you to enjoy a 3 inch resistive touch screen 400 × 240 pixels, the LG GM730 implements the S-Class touch interface the South Korean firm, characterized by a dispensable three-dimensional cube of shortcuts and by attempting to, and this is useful, remove the nested menus whenever possible.

In addition to this, the LG GM730 It will be one of the first mobile that will access the LG Applications Store, an attempt to counteract the expansion proposals offered by Google, Apple, RIM or Palm and, on many occasions will confuse your users from having to compete with the store that the own Microsoft prepares for terminals with its mobile operating system.

At the level of features, in the LG GM730 is worth emphasising the 5 megapixel camera with optical Schneider-Kreuznach, point of connectivity, which boasts the three usual sospehocos (HSDPA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth); and the GPS module, you will need to rely on the cards microSD to store the corresponding cartography given the lack of an internal memory say mentioning.

The LG GM730, available in black, lime or pink with a recommended price of EUR 400, you will come to Europe after landing in Singapore, Taiwan and Australia next month.