LG GD910 Wrist Phone in Video

We have spent a few days talking about phone bracelet, in particular the LG GD910 and the Samsung S9110, We compared them, and on the paper draw the conclusion that each part with advantages with respect to the other.

The most interesting functionality that I find in the model of LG It is the ability to connect to 3 G networks, and the presence of a camera for video calls, looking for a little online videos or articles that make reference to this feature, I found the video that accompanies this publication.

The operator Orange in the United Kingdom are preparing bracelet phone promotion of LG, is not expected to be on the market until the month of August, but have decided to hang a small video which demonstrate this capacity of the terminal, and the truth is impressive to see how a video call is made in a phone of such small dimensions.

Remember that your screen is touch capacitive technology, and only 1.43 inches, in addition to 3G connectivity, also boasts Bluetooth between your specifications.

One of the first questions we passed by the head is to know the price of this promising gadget, rumored to be close to 1000 pounds with contract, which away from the majority of buyers, if outside bit it seems that LG has limited the number of units by a still-more-exclusive pileup.