LG GD910 in an Interesting Video, Expands in Europe

Update, extensive gallery of unpacking of the LG GD910.

The first stint was for the French neighbors, now turn to English to get wrist phone LG GD910 by means of the operator Orange, surprisingly, the price is not as high as there was speculation, 500 pounds (about 600 euros to change).

Do not miss the video that gives start to this publication shows almost all of its functions, and it is really interesting as they have implemented use touch on a screen so small, that they teach us an example of video call, writing an sms, or the small space-enabled SIM card.

Interestingly the first Orange boutique which will start to sell the phone is located in the Bond Street station, on August 27 at nine in the morning, as if the phone were related somehow to the famous English secret spy and his science fiction gadgets.

As we discussed in previous information, the phone will have a number of units limited to sale, and you can only buy one unit per person. In September phone will be on sale in the rest of the Orange network normally stores.

Let us remember that the LG GD910 features touchscreen of 1.43 inches, HSDPA (7.2Mbps), Bluetooth, VGA camera for video calling, voice (text-to-speech) recognition and certified IPX4, which makes it resistant to the water fall.


The English ElectricPig they were yesterday morning queuing up at the only store in London that was available to the device, and neither short nor lazy already have released us a gallery of images with unpacking.

They commented that they had the chance to meet him at the CES in January, and there have been quite a few changes to this actual unit, all of them at best, as the leather strap or a better construction.

They are very happy with the performance of the LG GD910, the touch screen responds very well, the T9 keyboard is relatively easy to use, and MP3 playback sounds good even through the speaker phone.

More problems have been with voice recognition, some commands have been impossible to execute, and now nothing more, I leave you with the Gallery:

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