LG GD900, Interface S-CLASS 3D Multitouch

The LG GD900 was announced with very little information in the last MWC, where LG already promised that he was not going to become a mobile design with a curious transparent keyboard, now they have shown us more of this terminal during the celebration of the CTIA Wireless in Las Vegas and in principle it seems that they will meet as promised.

In spite of his touch screen 3-inch, the real protagonist of the GD900 It is his transparent keyboard of high precision that allows the most important functions, from zoom in the purest style multi-touch to control predefined gestures. Thus we can sail by Internet or multimedia files using one or two fingers, and favorite menus to access by typing a gesture which we have previously associated with a function, for example, to open the music player.

But its functions are there and the keyboard haptic the LG GD900 it also includes handwriting recognition and the option touch wheel to control the multimedia functions. In the video you can also see the S-CLASS interface 3D we saw with the LG Arena, for the rest of features will have to wait until the day of its release, the month of may.