Lg G Flex 2: Smart Phone, Make You!

Bottom line: The LG G Flex 2 makes it a solid figure in the test. The curved display is a real eye-catcher. The performance is at the highest level, the battery weakens a bit and the internal memory is much too low.

LG tries again: G Flex 2 will the manufacturer especially Samsung prove that one can meaningfully round off not only display edges. At the first LG G FlexThis plan not quite worked, because the screen resolution was too low and the housing was unnecessarily large – the successor, however, makes a lot better on these points. The facilities include 5 and Cat6 LTE Android, as a whole are the features on high-end level-the price650 EUR also.

Solid Display In Flex 2

LG shrinks the display diagonal from 6 to 5.5 inch, but increased the display resolution to 1920 x 1080 pixels. The result is a sharp pixel density of 402 ppi.The maximum brightness of the POLEDs goes with 329,3 cd / m ² in order, reached but not the values of the new Samsung OLED screens. Languages we the predecessor by contrast problems, so the G Flex 2 has this now in the handle: A checkerboard contrast of 170:1 is common for OLED displays. We measure a slightly moved white point however, the appearance tends to the bluish. Practically: the color saturation is too intense, the can in the settings color reproduction readjust. That the curved OLED display particularly good can compensate for reflections, we can not fully confirm a little better light refraction may work perfectly. The well processed case has dimensions of 148 x 75 x 9 mm with a smaller screen, but still quite broad lies in the hand.

LG G Flex 2: Performance & Battery

Of a friend, the other suffering – the interplay between high-performance CPUs and batteries typically looks like. At the LG, G Flex 2 that is no different. Fixed installed under the still removable back of the smart phone a 3,000 mAh strong curved battery sits. This one has to contend with Qualcomm’s new top processor Snapdragon 810 however. The 64-bit chip fired the curved LG smoothly while in almost any situation, but just in the online test, the CPU heavily sucks on battery: after six hours the charging display of surfing at maximum brightness shows 0%. During the phone call, it looks better: after 10:33 minutes, says goodbye to the Flex 2 only. According to LG will recharge your smart phone in only 40 minutes to the half-that’s, up to the full charge but then but about two hours pass.

Camera With Laser Focus

In the facilities of the camera, LG is no slouch. The 13 megapixel-Knipse Gets a laser auto-focus to the page, an optical image stabilizer guarantees blur-free shots. The photo quality when daylight is pretty good, a slight film grain somewhat tarnishes the recording. Amazing: The laser focus is not always accurate, occasionally the pictures get slightly out of focus. In low light the photo software does a good job: the image is bright, the sharpen controls only slightly too strong. The Flash could not convince us. The Camcorcer films by the way UHD pixels with 3840 x 2160.

What To Bring Acoustic & Against Battery Cover Of Flex 2?

The battery cover is provided with a coating, faster or slower to eradicate minor scratches depending on the ambient temperature. The technique works well for very superficial scratches, when interacting with something stronger scratch not completely disappears. The back is only removable insert SIM and memory card. The latter must be high up to 2 TByte, that promises security for the future.Extend to the memory in any case, because there are only a measly 6 Gbytes of internal memory free. That goes for that price, nor for this device class in order.Telephoning with the G Flex 2 makes a lot of fun. The acoustics is both the mobile and fixed up on a slightly muffled sound good. The handsfree is not brilliant sounds on Festival Web page.

LG G Flex 2: alternative

Although not bent, but also stylish and with similar performance-the HTC one M9. The new flagship of HTC comes with the same processor, offers but 3 GB memory. The aluminium unibody feels particularly elegant, the HTC typical stereo speakers adorn on the waterside. The camera dissolve with 20 megapixels, is high but about par. The battery life is minimal better than at the LG G Flex 2. The price for the elegant HTC one M9: hefty 750 euro.