LG detects “Glasstic” Trademark in Korea

Newly registered trademark indicates that LG plans to make some glasses as known from Google Glasses.

Glasses as Google Glasses are still a relatively new concept, a patent from the Korean LG now pointing in direction of, that they also may be in the process of making a pair of glasses.

The 14 November registered LG trademark Glasstic by the Korean authorities, here emerges the concept as being usable in areas such as mobile phones, spectacles and watches. It is on the other hand, all the information that is available now, so it is not possible to draw any meaningful conclusions.

Nevertheless, one can wonder whether there actually is talking about some fancy glasses, and in this case, whether it is a product portfolio that takes as its starting point the Google Glasses or about LG have their own ideas on the drawing board. In any case, it shows that LG thinks at one point or another in the ballgame.