LG Cookie, a Sales Success

Yesterday is the LG cookie as an example of terminal for the new strategy that could be undertaken HTC, with the launch of a range of phones with proprietary system and most discounted benefits today LG communicates that its Cookie o KP500 It has sold two million units worldwide and in just five months, what comes to give a boost to the possible decision of HTC.

From October, 1.200.000 LG Cookies have been sold in Europe and 600.000 in Asia, Latin America and other emerging markets, in their land of origin, Korea, is the most popular mobile with 100.000 units sold since March this year, 4,500 in one day sales record.

The LG Cookie It was designed to reach the general public similar to high-end terminals which also market an interface and usability, but renouncing functions and benefits to lower the price, so although it does not have 3 G, WiFi or GPS, featuring a 3-inch touch screen, a 3 megapixel camera and up to 8 GB of memory, the ideal for many people who have never heard of S60 o Android, or want more complications, seeks only a nice interface with friendly widgets to access multimedia features, all integrated in an attractive design.

Originally released in four colors, LG It has expanded the range up to ten and has plans to further increase it, as well as further expansion of countries from 40 to 60, with the aim of reaching the magic number of 10 million units sold a year. In Spain Orange sells it and it is common to see it in your online store with the “ sign ” of exhausted over.