LG BL40 Chocolate, Reappears in an Extensive Gallery and Video

Another fashion terminals that are dosing information every day so we go knowing more about its virtues, speak clearly is of the LG BL40 Chocolate, for those of you eager to deepen its appearance I present a full gallery and a promotional video.

I don’t know how manage but Russians and sometimes the Chinese have new terminals much before they appear on the market, in this occasion are the boys of Mobile@mail.ru that offer us this extensive gallery, as a sign that they have been playing with that represents the fourth generation of the Black Label Series LG.

Some of the things that stand out, once known its appearance and main specifications, are the possibility to play a lot of multimedia files, presents a robust multitasking with applications Java, the use of the screen divided into two parts, and that the browser has Flash support.

Other aspects that extend the first information, are updated interface S-Class 3D , memory internal connector USB 2.0 (microUSB), 1 GB (expandable microSD) and FM transmitter, radio, and TV output.

To finish with the specifications, the battery is 1000 MAH, it has 3.5 mm jack connector, GPS (A-GPS) receiver and its peculiar dimensions are: 128 × 51 × 10.9 mm.

In the photographic aspect discussed with the same module of 5 mega pixels present on the LG Arena, so if you want to know our impressions in this regard, I leave the link to the website.

Indeed, as I have had the opportunity to read in other media, horrible choice of Comic Sans Serif as a kind of letter of the device, unless the images. Then the endless Gallery:

See complete gallery» LG BL40 Chocolate, from Russia (41 photos)

We can also see a promotional video that appeared a couple of weeks ago in YouTube, and now he returns again to the light, or unless they have it to share it: