LG BL40 Chocolate, in a New Video

Updated with two new gallery (LG Blog and mobile-review)

The guys hand of mobiles.co.UK, a new and complete video comes to us from the LG BL40 Chocolate in operation, we can logically view interface S-Class3D updated to the terminal, and a review by some of the most important functions in a terminal, as the browser or playing multimedia.

It is interesting to see the terminal under these conditions for the first time since the information we had about it were its specifications, a large number of images and a video advertising.

I’d like to highlight the performance of the system with respect to changes in screen orientation, pretty agile, while we ignore the power of the unit process. What if we know and it looks great is its panoramic screen of 4 inches and unique proportions, showing complete web pages in two provisions of the possible screen with ease.

Finally I’d like to predict a major success for this terminal, multimedia capabilities, design and possibilities of mobile Internet, but that if LG not put a day, lacks the flexibility and applications of leading smartphones on the market, but may be aventurandome too and this is not the intention of the Korean company.

Depending on the source of English origin, it is rumored that this new Black Label Series It will be available in this country on 23 August.

I update the news with a new official gallery by the boys of LG blog, Interestingly, a LG KM900 Arena has been used for the shots:

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The guys from Mobile-review have also been tinkering apparatus, highlighting its commitment of determined by the screen design, and trying to have as a reference to the LG Arena in their comparisons, since it inherits much of its software, and even value above the new LG BL40 Chocolate in terms of operation.

They emphasize that initial memory is 16 GB, expandable, supports multi-tasking applications while they are native, which does not occur if they are Java, displaying annoying information messages commenting on the maximum number of applications was exceeded. I leave you with the Gallery:

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