LG Arena Exceeds One Million Units Sold Worldwide

A LG not going too bad since the touchscreens appeared onstage, a month ago we announced that it had exceeded 5 million units sold of its LG Cookie, in its different versions and markets, now is the LG Arena which exceeds one million units sold, let us remember that the model Viewty It is another model that has surpassed the five million units.

Taking into account that the LG Arena It was announced in February during the MWC 2009 and it appeared on the market next month, with a free price close to 400 euros, is an excellent brand soon reach one million units, helped clear is by offers of operators.

I had the chance to analyze this mobile, and it is an excellent device, with an attractive interface and a good multimedia experience, but I am not going to mislead anyone and I am sure that part of the success rests on strong marketing campaign that has offered LG.

The phone is present in 53 countries around the world, but particularly in Europe has worked very well, in fact the old continent is a very important market for LG, Since during the second quarter of this year, the Korean company has sold more than 5 million Terminal.

In its short life has not been without problems, in fact there have been many complaints in connection with the GPS receiver of the apparatus, and also has tended to devaluing it to the compare it with the iPhone and other smartphones on the market.

The LG Arena It is a worthy competitor in multimedia work, quality of construction and design, but are not in the same field, especially by the poor quality of third-party applications and the absence of a quality app store, that would give life to the appliance.

Yes LG He remedied this problem, which in fact is it, follows with great marketing efforts, and low price by the imminent departure of the LG BL40 Chocolate market, I am sure that it will soon the figures that his brothers have achieved Cookie y Viewty.

Establishing comparisons with other successful terminals in the competition, we remind you that the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic reached the same mark in a couple of months, or a terminal like the HTC Magic, with a price and greater commitment, did it in four months.

Separate case left to the iPhone Apple, that despite the poor distribution of the model 3 g in the world, he managed to sell more than one million units in just three days. Let us remember that the original model took 74 days to reach the nice value.

We also have sales information of any Samsung phone, perhaps not well known media, unless we do not have dedicated many lines, but widespread in the world, it’s the Samsung S5230, also known as Tocco Lite.

The phone also It has exceeded 5 million units sold worldwide, having been put on sale four months ago, and casually taking their highest figures in the past two months, the secret of his success, a very low price (subsidized by operators) for the features that.

Samsung He said in the press release that is on track to reach 10 million units. Remind you that the phone lacks 3G connectivity, has 3-inch touch screen, and uses the TouchWiz interface.