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Levante Canta. Levante has style to spare. His Instagram profile talks about her and her music better than a diary. Discover it in 11 hashtags

Levante is contagious, his eyes watch the world and his voice tells him. In his latest album, Have About You Care sings love, first to herself and reminds you that you just want it to be happy. We met in Milan in one of the dates of his #ABCDTTOUR and we made ​​to tell the recipe of his unique style, free and gipsy, to the rhythm of hashtag.


Singing along. The first audition voice-guitar I did when I was 13 and the first concertino to 14. I’ve always known that music and singing would be part of my life, but it is less romantic than you think: being the youngest of four brothers, two sisters and a brother, I was their puppet, their jolly. I sang and I made ​​up songs for relatives as well, on request. Do you think that I started talking at 8 months… and I have not stopped! I remember the video of when I was growing up in the performances where we see clearly that I push away the other children to stand in the center and do my part…tremenda!

Luckily this egocentrism has left the space even to my soul introverted and thoughtful. The music was my psychologist in the hardest moments , like when to nine years I lost dad. In the songs I wrote then I threw in all the pain and anger, and so I saved. I always say, save the music, who does it and also those who listen.

This hashtag I’m using it often combined with images that load on Instagram, but the truth is that they are gypsy inside even in the bon-ton moments. I have a crazy side of me, sdradicato, where there is always something over the top.
There is a necklace with which I am living in symbiosis that intrigues everyone. Recently even Linus asked me where I had bought, Mexico, South America..no, not only of Zadar!


They are gypsy, not for the disorder, but for the soul, free her look: I like to mix the lines to the paintings, contrasting colors and unusually combined, the elegant pieces with those sports, a great classic

In high school I lived in hippie mode lasts, I wore skirts over pants, I wore long hair, I used the string on the forehead and, horror-horror, I took off my eyebrows! The assottigliavo and I shared a lot with no make me the mistake egregious. That period was horrendous, with regard eyebrows & tweezers but it was me, hippie and free. And then the belt over the shirt , it was 2009 and it was used a lot. Above the skirt I put a long shirt with a tall or thin belt. Aaarhg! Come on, I was 20 years old.

The first heel is never forgotten, and I have made ​​very late, at 19 years old. Before I rejected the world of women. I looked diffident my girlfriends dressed to go clubbing, and I said to myself “why stoop to the cliché of sexy woman just like that there?” Then I thought that maybe my All Stars were a bit more disgusting than those heels, and I got angry a little less with that world. I understand that a woman can wear different types of heels to be beautiful and sexy without losing its essence.

My fixed is the heel with the sock , because dampens quelll’animo sexy, feminine but not too much and makes you a bit ‘nicer

I am the daughter of seamstresses, my mom is a seamstress, my grandmother was a seamstress and also my aunt was a dressmaker . And I grew up with this mom can make me anything, coats, dresses, shirts. I started sewing clothes for Barbie and then I went over me. To requirement of wanting to differentiate from the rest. For example allargavo jeans at the bottom by inserting a fabric clove and my friends told me I was perfect to clean the streets of Turin . Me i own clothes was also an economic saving: you want to put to find a fabric remnant of Ungaro and give us a fantastic piece at a cost of some Euro?

This year I found Marni, I know, better late than mai..e I said to myself: I look like! We do a little thought to the next tour in 2016 (the last date of #ABCDTTOUR is tomorrow, Saturday 18 September to Naples to Suo.
When I perform I put together look also based on where I am. If after me there are for example Interpol, and I’m at home in Turin, I put a long narrow skirt with a high-necked shirt boy and a wedge. If I find myself in Vittorio Veneto countryside choose a white t-shirt and blacks bermuda. I am part of the scenery and the clothes they help me every night to create a different design. It’s evening in Milan mischierò stripes and checks while the skirt I made ​​it.

Lines forever. There are two t-shirts with white stripes / blue and white / black YSL, which I spent my boyfriend and do not give up for anything. The blue is a good. I just prepared a blue suitcase. It has the feature of being casual and elegant depending on the occasion.

And then the rings, so many and on each finger.

The sneakers with the raised sole. The sandals to the German and bras. Do not I ever harbor. I except the lace patterns super sophisticated thousand euro in tit!

Are full of coats, so this winter dream short dresses and flared 70 years, those with narrow shoulders

With Take Care of You I implemented my revolution. The first step is to be honest with themselves. Then have the courage to destroy things that are bad. And third, start over.

I took to heart the pangs of another
I took the bags and I put my things inside
I closed the door and went away to the man who made ​​me happy

I love you, I love you and I repeat it like a mantra

There are three areas that I love in Turin. For shopping advice La Belle Histoire, under the Mole Antonelliana Via Montebello 15 / G, it is an atmospheric place that smells of incense and resounding notes of yesteryear jazz. There are special pieces that you and only you that are worth the money. Brunch and missed breakfast from Teapot A tea with kitchen in via Silvio Pellico 18, in the San Salvario district. Run it three smiling and very kind friends, quality food, even vegan, gluten-free with Wi-Fi. Booty and not just do it from Barbiturates , in via Santa Giulia 21a, food, music and cocktails and entertainment guaranteed.