Leopard Print Maxi: Animal Print of the Moment!

Good morning divas!!!

Was giving that look basic on Instagram yesterday and saw a beautiful picture Camilla Coelho, the Super Conceited, with a wonderful bikini and with the pattern that will rock in our summer: the Maxi Leopard Print!

The Kenzo (already known us for launching fashion with the most famous Green Sweatshirt) brought in the collection of spring 2013 this animal print with a larger pattern and vivid and contrasting colors!!

And that’s already a sweetheart in the wardrobe of some celebrities, like: Jessica Alba, Una and Vanessa from The Saturdays, Rita Ora and the RuizeSolar.

But can rest assured that the pattern is not exclusive of the Kenzo … all if rebuilds! And even got on Aliexpress! lol I found This dress with the pattern there.

Ending the winter, let’s wait and see what fast fashion will bring pieces with this print and a cheap!! All watching, ok!! RS

I thought the trend the face of summer here in Brazil! And you?? They found that the Leopard print Maxi glue or no glue around here!?