Leopard Print for Spring 2016

It is found in many different types and styles and various items of women’s clothing, fashion shows constantly see. She’s the kind of print for those who want to be noticed, it hardly goes unnoticed.

The pattern of leopard is still seen to some as tacky, but the fashion says otherwise, if you know how to combine colors is sure to be very successful where to pass.

Black and beige are the classic colors that match the leopard print, but you can have a modernized the look, use and daring with colors like pink, wine, green and blue combined with it, especially with the arrival of summer, which it is a period that requires more colors and daring.

Speaking of summer, shorts, skirts, shirts and dresses are very welcome at this time, and you can find the leopard print in all the above items, and the best, though all are related to the same pattern are found in styles and different colors to not be repetitive.

The best of leopard- print is that it comes with everything not only in clothing but also in accessories like belts, scarves, wallets, purses, shoes and etc., are numerous items found in this tone.

Just be careful not to go out with the whole dress and leopard accessories, as it will be like a full ounce and yes it can be called corny.

The ideal as mentioned above is just combine it with other colors. And avoid using other prints in the same look, like zebra print, pellet, or any other animal print, it gives a lot of information to look.

Shoes, sneakers and sandals ounce are also super trendy, in fact, everything about this pattern seems to be successful.

Do not think that leopard print is only present in items for use in the summer, it is also present in winter clothing like pants, boots, goggles and coats. The last item mentioned is a real luxury, and super stylish leaves you for any occasion, and in my humble opinion, is the most chic item in this pattern, be it a social or skin coat.

If you have a coat of these can be quiet because this is a super item in your wardrobe, is a wildcard little piece that goes mega help you in time of breathlessness and you can use to work or to go to a restaurant luxury, for example .

Already been cited several items found with leopard print, but know that there are many others, umbrella, bikini and hat had not yet solid listed, but are also a sales success.

We have seen that no matter the season, no matter what kind of occasion the case, you will find a print item ounce to match all of them, so now it’s just to play this trend is not new, but still successful.