Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro: the Review

By itself, the tablet Lenovo Yoga are products different from others. They have that spanciatura with inside the batteries, have a kickstand for more support and are all unbalanced outwards to be kept better with one hand. Lose portability and light weight compared to the standard, but when it comes to using them at home, in the Office, indoors, are second to none.
Imagine an approach so special now combined with a mini-Beamer, an aluminum frame and skin, and to a soundbar with 4 JBL speakers ready to shoot you in the face a volume over the top. Here, you get an idea about Yoga Tab 3 Pro, top of the line Android.

Presented at IFA September 2015 but distributed in Italy only at Christmas, Yoga Tab 3 Pro (YT3-X90F) is available in two configurations with prices of 499 euros (WiFi) and 599 euro (LTE). Online stores you save already very: the model I tested costs around 430 euros on Giunglainformatica. Here’s how it’s done.

Data sheet Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro

  • 10 inch display 2560 x 1600 px AnyPen
  • Intel Atom CPU x 5-Z8500 Quad Core
  • 2 GB RAM LPDDR3/32 GB eMMC/microSD
  • 50 projector lumens Max output 70 inches/480
  • WiFi Bluetooth GPS/GLONASS ac/4.0
  • 5 MP cameras fixed/13 MP AF
  • 6200 + 4000 mAh battery/AC adapter 12V 2A max.
  • 5 mm Thickness 665 grams/frame

Start with something off my tooth. Yoga Tab 3 Pro does not heat, or at least not excessively. I want to point out why on SoC Cherry Trail we saw mixed results. The risk that a block ofaluminum from 5 mm (which, in fact, they are 7 or 8 considering the leather covering) with inside a lamp tends to reach temperatures above the threshold of comfortable, there is. But that’s not the case. I recorded a maximum of 40° C at the back (33° C for glass) while the benchmark, and peaking at 45° C in cylindrical area while the projector is on, at full brightness, long ago. Were understandable.

And while you are there I’ll let figures on autonomy. The battery consists of two cylindrical modules: 6200 mAh to 3.75 V and 4000 mAh to 3.8 V. The total is 10200 mAh and 18 hours of battery life according to Lenovo. It is an optimistic estimate, but believable. In the test by PCMark 8 I recorded 9 hours and 18 minutes with screen set to 200 nits (less than half).Considering the 20% residual charge left over from testing, you exceed the 10 hours of use. In the table below found the results of other tablets, top of the line.

The draining of standby time is tolerable. If I omit the two intense days of practice, I have uploaded the tablet connected every 3 days. There is the fast charge: 12V 2A power supply arrives. The projector consumes 30 percent per hour with maximum brightness and video streaming from the browser. Even with more intensive use, the 2 hours of projection should be insured.

There’s another interesting point: the JBL sound system. But here the speech becomes wider and agree to mention a propensity to all that is. Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Tab label as “the best tablet for watching videos”. He’s right: there is nothing wrong with this, indeed the volume and the density of timbre boost from software Photionary are things never seen before. It’s the tablet with the best acoustic impact of the last 12 months. The display is bright, saturated the right. The Intel platform Cherry Trail decoding via video hardware h. 265 and high end CPUs and GPUs in the category (the benchmarks above are indicative).

The projector has a technical medium (50 lumens and maximum output in 480) but it performs well, is practical and integrated to the hinge, at one with the tablet’s body and spirit Yoga. I admit that I was surprised. Don’t expect to turn it on without closing the blinds and not pretend all settings of a real geometric floodlight. It’s still a mini module inserted into a 10-inch tablet. And don’t plan to use it to play titles that require graphic fulfillment because his resolution doesn’t allow it. But it opens a whole range of uses and becomes the reason to choose Yoga Tab 3 Pro.

I wanted to close the review here, but there is all the software to be discussed-and does not bring any good news. Lenovo pre-install Android 5.1 Lollipop. It is a firmware smooth, clean, with mini-apps that can stand in the window and a sidebar style Windows 10-both optional. There are a few inconsistencies in the interface (the email icon launches Gmail app, location pleases) but also certain apps Lenovo (SHAREit, eFrame, SYNCit, Sketchpad, Projector) that may be redundant but still well made and useful Yes on a device that can be the Home Media Center.

But there is also much confusion and an optimization software that discredits the hardware. Captain lag, slowdowns, noticeable latencies on input, key applications crash. There is a tendency to get worse as the hours passed, and the advantage/disadvantage of AnyPen technology.

On the one hand, it is convenient to be able to use a pen, pencil, anything to interact; the other is a complication that makes it too sensitive touch. It would have been a fine could handle it instead of having it always on. In short, as I write this, the software is the weak link in Tab 3 Yoga Pro-and if you are reading this text months after its publication, I recommend that you find out about the bug fix I’m talking about.

Final considerations

Lenovo has produced a good hardware. Yoga Tab 3 Pro is taken care of in the construction and finishing. Is heavier than average but has more components and one of the best industry authorities. Not too hot even when the lamp is on. Network components, WiFi ac and GPS especially, will yield important, and even cameras work well, not so cheap. The gem is the triadscreen, soundbar and projector, for what is really the best tablet for use in multimedia contexts.

Though the software ruin everything else. It’s not the template that I recommend if you are looking for an Android tablet for basic usage, if you want something to take you in my pocket and if you don’t plan to use it for videos, games or media playback. There are cheaper products and more suitable if you don’t need the best in these contexts. Conversely, there’s nothing more to add: Yoga Tab 3 Pro is the choice to make when you need a projector. Attention only to the sales price, because it could still come down.