Lenovo LINK, a USB Pendrive of 32GB to Connect and Control Android from a Computer

CES is a fair that always leaves us with a lot of curious gadgets and Lenovo has a curious thing that occur every year. Last year was a camera to make selfies distance and this time have what they have called LINK. At first glance it seems a pendrive of 32 GB but to use it as a link to connect our Android to the computer the options they multiply.

LINK, as its name suggests, create a physical link between two devices that we can control our Android from the computer through a duplicate of the screen or by using attachments on your computer (keyboard and mouse) to handle the smartphone or tablet that we have connected. A very interesting complement that also includes a 32GB memory and its price will be around $40.

A good, cheap and useful accessory

The device is very simple: to connect the phone to the computer is It will automatically start the application on the phone and the PC. At that moment we can choose what we want to do: control Android using the keyboard and the computer mouse or duplicate the smartphone screen and to open applications and interact directly from Windows. By what we have seen in video, it runs very fast and with little lag.

As option to connect Android to the computer seems to play well its role, it seems that It has less delay than wireless solutions as AirDroid and it can be a very useful tool for those who need to have a duplicate of the screen so handy. In the case of using the keyboard and mouse of Windows on Android don’t see it as useful, for that better directly connecting a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse. You can have your niche that developer Yes.

The only requirements that we need to use it are to have Windows 7 or a superario version on the PC and Android 5.0 Lollipop in the smartphone or tablet that we connect. If you have a device with resolution QHD (Nexus 6 p, Galaxy S6…) Please note that only LINK render the desktop of our device to Full HD 1080 p.

Currently unknown if he will come to Spain and in doing so when will do so. It is the typical accessory that for what it’s worth there isn’t much to think about when buying it. Can you not use it every day but by $40 and with a good memory USB 3.0 included, it is a complement of the most curious.