Lennon and Clothing Jacket

Jackson’s Chimp go to auction

A military-style jacket worn by John Lennon, an x-ray of Albert Einstein’s head and a suit made for Michael Jackson’s pet Chimp, Bubbles, are among the more than 650 pop culture articles that go to auction in Beverly Hills in December.

The auction, called icons and Idols, will be held on 3 and 4 and will also include what the organizing company, Julien’s Auctions, said to be the largest collection of Lennon and the Beatles ever offered to the public.

A white jacket with Golden stripes, worn by Lennon in 1966 for a Life magazine photo session, should reach the value of 200,000 dollars. The article refers to the style used in the following year by the four Beatles on the cover of the album Sgt. Pepper’s.

The auctioneer Darren Julien said that a white costume dress by Lennon on the cover of Abbey Road, 1969, was sold for about R $240,000 in 2005.

Other items of the former Beatle include self-portraits, a collage created for the 28th anniversary of Elton John and a guitar played by both Lennon and Elvis Presley during an event in Los Angeles, which must be taken by a value between R $200,000 and R $300,000.

The jacket of Lennon should be sold for ten times more than the price of various items of Michael Jackson, including a black jacket with epaulets of the King of Pop, dressed in the birthday of the then South African President Nelson Mandela in 1996. This piece should be bought by a value between R $20000 and R $40000.

A red jacket, leather clip of Beat It, autographed by Michael, should be out by up to £ $20000, while a white glove of the singer, this Badtour, in the late 1980, has expectations ranging between R $40000 and R $60000.

Among the more bizarre auction items, including costumes from movies, programs and autographed guitars, is a two-piece leather costume worn by Bubbles, the chimpanzee, which will cost between R $4,000 and R $8,000. Half the money will be destined to take care of the animal, which currently has 26 years and live in a sanctuary in Florida.

Two x-rays taken from the head of Einstein in 1945 should be sold for up to £ $4,000.

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