LED Bulb: Why Switch to LED Lighting?

Why buy a LED bulb?

LED bulbs have many advantages compared to bulbs conventional incandescent, halogen bulbs or compact fluorescent light bulbs (also called energy savings bulbs). For more information on 4 types of bulbs, go on what is than an LED bulb?

Advantages of LED Bulb

The main advantages are the following:


Unlike conventional bulbs, LEDS do not contain mercury or gas pollutant.

In addition, LEDS are recyclables, and LED FLASH including has a partnership with Récylum, an eco-body responsible for the collection and recycling.

Low Consumption

Consumption of a LED is on average 8 to 10 times lower than classic incandescenta bulb, and 3 to 5 times less than a compact fluorescent bulb (also called low consumption).

Long Service Life

Of 25 000 and 50 000 hours, or 25 to 50 times more than a light bulb conventional incandescent, roughly 20 years of life expectancy (for average daily use of 3 h). The many cycles of ignitions and extinctions have no impact on life unlike other bulbs.

This long life allows to strongly reduce maintenance operations and costs.

Ignition Snapshot

The light output is 100% from lit itge, which will save you from having to wait several minutes that the lighting is perfect, as is the case with compact fluorescent bulbs.

Low Heat Output

One of the great advantages of LED technology is the low heat output. According to LEDBulbBay, a LED bulb (or spot LED) outdoor temperature is 35 ° C. There is therefore no risk of burning, especially during installation.

Excellent Color Rendering

LED bulbs dazzle less than other bulbs. As simple to use than conventional bulbs, they exist in all sizes, shapes, and types of nerve. The very wide range of products offered by LED-FLASH will allow you to choose the most adapted to your use bulb.

Very Easy To Install

The LED settled on existing media already. There are no changes to perform at your facility. Therelamping including allows you to replace your old bulbs led equivalent.


Do not hesitate, your investment in the LED will quickly pay for itself!

Example: You want to replace a light bulb conventional 60W incandescent. The savings on your electricity bill amounts to around €8 per year compared to a conventional incandescent bulb. Your power consumption reduction by modernizing your lighting with led bulbs allows you to optimize your energy expenses.