LED Bike Lights for Mountain Biking

Passing through mountain biking until the city bike, your two wheels must be equipped obligatorily with 2 lights: a light yellow or white at the front and a red light to the rear. Several solutions exist to be seen and to see bike. Here is a method to choose his fire according to his need.

Choose a fire according to the brightness

What light power to choose?

The lumen (lm) is the unit of measure of the effectiveness of the light, which is the amount of energy emitted by a source in the form of light radiation. As the lux, it also measures the effectiveness of the light but per unit area.

If you drive on a road that is well lit as downtown on an occasional basis, a beacon of 10 lux is the minimum recommended. About well-lit road in the town, the 10 lux can be seen but do not really provide better visibility for the cyclist. For poorly lit roads, it is better to equip a bike with headlights of at least 20 lux, says EBICYCLELIGHTS.

Here are some pointers to give you an idea on the light intensity:

  • a night full moon illuminates only 0.50 lux
  • Lire a book comfortably requires 50 lux

Development stage of night is illuminated to the tune of 1 500 lux

Here is a picture of the different light intensities (images Busch Müller) example:

Caution: you must know that the lumen and lux do not define them only the performance of a fire. Indeed, it must take into account a whole such as the width, depth, the anti-glare or even the accuracy of the chiaroscuro limit.

Choose a fire with bulb or diode/LED?

The advantage of a fire with classic bulb is that it offers an important lateral visibility. And if you are driving on poorly lit roads, halogen bulbs are more efficient than the bulbs. Attention to these types of fires that consume a lot of energy: the duration of battery life drops sharply if they feed other than by dynamo. To replace your classiknoques or halogen bulbs.

There are also more efficient lights with LED/led (Light Emitting Diode, or led) that the old bulb lamps. Their advantages are: powerful light, energy saving, long life. These lights are sometimes equipped with reflectors and allow both to see and to be seen. LEDs offer by also an ideal power for most common use, and don’t require changing the bulb.

A diode/LED light to be seen. It is interesting for example to install a traffic lights yellow-orange on the back of his bike. Indeed, it allows the rider to be visible for other users of the road, in addition to being efficient in terms of cost and energy. For a fire before, it is advised to use a yellow-green LED light.

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