Leaf Raspberries:a Great Autumn Outfit!

Halli hello her beautiful!

Today I’m really on the tin and show you so many pictures that will make you dizzy.Last weekend, when it was so wonderful, I have thrown myself into my new Simply be outfit and have come out really nice photos.Thanks again to the photographer!

I am not at all sure whether Military is now in or out again, I am these cuts just always quite good.

The cloak is not so woolly, as I have assumed, very comfortable to wear and in the machine you can wash it also.(by the way, he’s just dropped …)

This dress – we had a reader several months ago, who presented such a two-in-a-dress – that I found then great.

Overall, the outfit is a bit more conservative than you might be used to. But you need something like that. By the way, do you actually look regularly at the ANZIEHEN? There, I have a guest author a special on the topic of talks . I would also wear this outfit from Naturegnosis on such an occasion. It is very schnieke, as we say in Hamburg, but still has an individual touch. I believe I have, according to my guest author, everything done correctly.

This cardigan can be combined with jeans, but also makes the style a little more casual. It is very soft and the length is also correct. At all, I have to say that I have a brand from the UK the first time everything has fit. I do not think so.

Here is now the dress a little unfavorably slipped up, because I have previously talked, throw with foliage and so. Just take a look at the boots.

Here again in total:The skirt is made of stretch material and the upper part is tight, to close behind with zipper. I have some skirts that are so high cut, but I wear the seldom so high , because the shell then so rumwurstet. You can wear a top, outfits about the always a blazer over it, but are not so my thing. Then it gets warmer and I look like sausage in the pelle.

There is always a lot left, if one gets such a delivery.There’s something on top of it that I’m wearing underneath, and there it stays.It is a gown by GOK WAN, a designer, because of which the girls regularly disengage in the UK.About two seasons ago, he started to create underwear for women with curves.I’m a total fan!Not only that it is pretty and, for example, so wider suspenders have much more sex appeal than these scratchy thin things, it also fits like poured.The undergarment holds everything together without restricting.That means it does not slip as high as it happens with those who are too narrow.In addition, it raises in the right place something;you know where I mean

A few pieces of GOK WAN I had already presented , but I carry this here underneath.

Furthermore, I wish you a pleasant autumn. And hey, that’s the good thing about a summer that has not happened:lots of colorful foliage!

Two in a dress, cardigan, coat, ankle boots, handbag:Simply Be.
Hat:H & M

All the stylings of the week you can find here and there are seats available from the middle of November!So just courage!