Latest Photos of Models Loose by Milan and Paris (III)

The weeks devoted to men’s fashion has come to an end, and in Mensencia we have reviewed parades that have been most interesting to us. However, just hours after lift us as champions of the world in the World Cup South Africa 2010, don’t miss the last chance to show the models more stragglers out of the gateway.

By not be valued as they should, like squander when end of parade and for the quality of the photographs of Stockholm Street-Style, we said goodbye to within a few months of being the protagonists of the world of fashion.

I love the fresh and carefree style that know how to convey, with caps, sunglasses, cigar in mouth and very hard side. Without a doubt, giving a better lesson in style outside within the gateway.

You could upload dozens of these photographs, but we will not eventually never comment. In the following Gallery you have more photos of these mannequins with both style.

See complete gallery» latest photos of models loose by Milan and Paris (III) (3 photos)

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