Lasting Gifts To The Wedding

Yeah I know you all are actually just as wildly busy to get Christmas gifts, Christmas celebrations and markets to visit and to plaster cookies. Traditionally rather the time to plan his wedding!That’s why is this post more to friends and relatives. If you just thought about Christmas gifts for the bride and groom, then you can waste Yes sometimes one two thought of it sort of thing then could be given this bride and groom to the wedding. Good organization is all not true 😉 And the early bird and so…

THE classic is and remains that money Schenk (at, also quite rightly and also here there are some opportunities to play creative and nice and funny to wrap the money. Beautiful creative ideas and vouchers / time gifts get well always, we presented you some here .

But lasting gifts are what we find super: look around gifts, where the bride and groom in the apartment and again thinking “Oh man, we have received at that time that XY wedding!” Who doesn’t, that married sex and the city episode in Charlotte and has built an armchair Aidan! ♥ About that Aidan and Carrie are separate as a result, we’re talking here times prefer not 😉

If you so familiar with the taste of the bride and groom, or know who just for the purpose of wedding financing what is an intimate desire, back on, then a piece of furniture is a super gift.And because not everyone has an Aidan to the hand, gladly even purchased instead of itself manufactured part. At Mö for example, you can find a huge selection of classic and timelessly elegant pieces of furniture, look here. If it may be something playful and girlishand, then we find so impressions always supe and for lovers of the Scandinavian style E.g. ambience direct. Oh yes, if we would marry again, so we would put 🙂 some chic pieces of furniture on our wish list.

In our family there is to give away a beautiful tradition and at the wedding art . That may sound maybe slightly stuffy at first glance, but also art is a great lasting memory and something that is inherited, remains more in memory of course again and grow a heart!

Also jewelry is, of course, a classic, such as family heirlooms that are handed down from mother to daughter or father to son.

And finally something lasting but not quite as expensive: champagne glasses that were engraved with the initials of the bride and groom, a great set of crockery or cutlery service. Just pulls together or after the wedding so adult feels that to his IKEA Dinnerware or students hodgepodge times wants to get rid, a fine 😉

Well, is it what for you?

And so we released you back into the world of Christmas, let it go on relaxed and enjoys the advent season!