Kris Jenner Sells Her Wardrobe

Have you wardrobe bursting? Make reselling (or resell online your clothes) as Kris Jenner, Vestiaire Collective gives away her bags by Hermès and Balmain dresses.

Kris Jenner is one that knows. She raised 5 daughters obsessed with fashion and has a respectable wardrobe. If it was your mother, you would not go to borrow from her closet a few Saint Laurent jacket or a pair of eyeglasses by Fendi? You bet!

Now you can, because Kris has put on sale 200 garments and accessories of her wardrobe online reselling website. We went to peep on his profile and we realized that doesn’t give away the scartini. No Sir: sells pieces of worship as the Birkin and her Manolo Blahnik. But even as the trench coat Burberry portabilissimi pieces or jacket white mat of Michael Kors (probably has a million, more or less what difference will ever?).


On the site you can buy clothes and accessories that don’t really like this Balmain dress …

… or this clutch from Valentino (you will be sick of the studs? You can).

Prices range from € 12428.98 for the Hermès Birkin to approximately 35 € for a pair of designer sunglasses Kardashian Kollection (a surplus of inventory or a rarity? Don’t know …), just over 60 € for a pair of sneakers, hopefully never.

In short, there is something for all tastes. Many pieces have already been snapped up, but there is still some gem as the Chanel portasmartphone, of which she is a big fan, to the point that when he goes to the parade of his friend Karl Lagerfeld dress monobrand from head to toe.