Kairos Mechanical Smartwatch Review

Kairos is a smart watch under the guise of an elegant conventional clock

No, it is not a new concept image that you are watching. This smartwatch called Kairos and is very real, as real as its launch is scheduled for later this year. In a booming market such as smart watches, trying to gain a foothold in it is vital to ensure continuity in the coming years. Then we will see how Kairos could get.

This device introduces really innovative ideas and we are confident that we will soon see them implemented in products from other brands. The first thing we see in Kairos is the appearance of an ordinary watch, with its large circular stainless steel sphere, a large button to adjust the hands and the intrinsic elegance that always accompanies leather straps.

Therefore, we are facing a sober, elegant and timeless design; a design that a priori should like both large and younger. What do truly special Kairos? Simple, inside. This smartwatch endorses the famous phrase “looks can be deceiving” and is under its sphere glass transparent AMOLED screen hides on which we all own defogging an intelligent clock functions.

The greatness of this idea is that the AMOLED screen is superimposed on the field and their hands, but being transparent not completely clog. It is a fantastic idea, because in the event that the battery runs out Kairos, we can always use the device like a conventional watch it were.

The final price of Kairos could be prohibitively expensive: around $ 1,200, but will drop to 500 if booked and

Within the sphere of stainless steel all the technology that we would expect of a smartwatch hides Bluetooth 4.4, three-axis accelerometer, vibration and 180 mAh battery that promises a range of 5 to 7 days . Of course, the device screen will be protected by sapphire crystal, exactly the same as it is rumored that Apple used for its iWatch.

As for the operating system, we do not know if Kairos implement the newly released Android Wear of Google or will choose to introduce one developed specifically for the device. Judging from the video presented by the company, it not seems to be any operating system we’ve seen to date.

At this point, I ‘m sure many of you might be wondering how much it would cost the Kairos. Well, we have to take into account that this is an expensive smartwatch for which we will ask $ 1,200 . The good news is that this price will be significantly reduced to $ 500 if we make a reservation now.

In addition, the company also plans to introduce an exclusive model with Swiss technology and bathed in gold that will be available starting at $ 2,150, but willalso be reduced to 1,200 if we make a reservation. As for the release date, Kairos is expected to arrive in December.