Jewelry That Eva Longoria Wore at Her Wedding

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s wedding was not the most expensive wedding of history, but one of the most ostentatious. Nothing more and nothing less than in 567,000 euros were valued the jewelry that looked the bride in the wedding ceremony.

Namely: 18 k gold earrings and bright signed by Roberto Verdi, the designer of the firm of H. Stern (pictured above) jewels valued at $500,000; a bright bracelet valued at $100,000 (in the photo on the cover lid the bouquet); brooches shaped flower for hair Gold and bright (as in the photo) of 3000 USD each; Besides other ornaments for the “bridal hairstyle” made with cognac color diamonds that cost about $12,000 each. Almost nothing.

But that is not all, because these gems you have to add the earrings of $ 150,000 that Longoria throughout the banquet, and some more.

As the alliances of the bride and groom, signed by Piaget, of which we know the price but we know that they are made with 18-carat white gold, more brilliant 107 of the new spouse: 80 circular size divided into four bands, and 27 in size Princess in the Center. And we continue adding…

The actress also wore her engagement ring: a crimp size Emerald diamond in white gold, designed by the French jeweler Jean Dousset. And the boyfriend, who could not stay behind, as well as a horterisima tie white plaston, carried on the wrist a special edition of the Piaget Polo watch, customized for him with the number 9 in bright, he who looks in your shirt.

And all this you should also add the bridesmaids, also of H. Stern jewelry; and the bracelets from Van Cleef and Arpels that gave their guests.

Would they in total to 1 million euros in jewels? Possibly the sobrepasaron, although I only would be with the ceremony and brilliant bracelet, earrings because alliances see them “a tad” excessive, especially that of her.