Italian Designer Lamps

I love lamps in which you realize that designers have thought about creating a product differently.While rummaging through anonline store, I came across the Assolo floor lamp, a product that I want to introduce you today like.

Luta Bettonica is the designer who is behind the Assolo floor lamp.Luta was born in Milan in 1968, is a designer. Together with her father, Franco Bettonica, she worked as an architect and designer and has kept her passion for designing products until today. one of her works is the Assolo floor lamp.

Creative and minimalist design from Italy

Now the lamp. When Assolo floor lamp is elegant design product. The circular lamp is very simple, but has a special design. For it is not only round, but also very narrow and lights so that only by the edges.

This elegant design is a good extension for each household that does not look for particularly striking lamps, but is a friend of the simple configuration.

Buyer lamp comes with a white LED light and thus saves energy. But can the Assolo floor lamp are also equipped with colored lights, which can be varied atmospheres reach in the home.

The lamp is made of aluminum, can and stands on a small round face. Also emphasizes the minimalist design.

The Assolo Bodenlampe Luta Bettonica as night light

Since the Assolo floor lamp can be dimmed, it can be used not only as indireke light, but also as a night light. Such a lamp is created that radiates peace and comfort even at night.

What makes them also as a night light sense, the LED is used. This can keep the power consumption very manageable in every night. Ironically at runtergedrehtem consumption of 10 watts and a burn time of 8 hours per night about 40 cents per month will be paid for the consumption of the night light-perfectly portable.

At the same time it is found that these low cost make it possible to also light the lamp all day in dark rooms. So you have a little passive light source, which makes the room cozy.

Designer lamps may be expensive

I am convinced that designer lamps are worth the price quite. Because unlike very cheap mass goods, designers employ more here with functionality, design and appearance, but disregard for the points cheap materials and most productive production of high profit – at least, it affects us.

These same points are there that have a high quality and at the same artistic object into the house. You pay not only for lamps, but for a piece of art in your own home.

It is no wonder that the Assolo floor lamp costs just 500 euros with a diameter of 43 centimeters, 70 centimeters in diameter 600 Euro. These awards are a designer lamp for a costly acquisition-at the same time but also to a remarkable expansion of their own four walls.

Still, I would recommend you before buying confront some suppliers and to determine where money can be saved. For particularly furniture and other home furnishings usually have high profit margins. Accordingly, it is possible that companies sell sofa landscapes or complete kitchens with discounts up to 70 percent. Therefore – you can see a good before buying.