It was Easier to ‘Unsubscribe’ in Emails in Gmail

You know when you get some newsletter that you signed up ages ago and did not even remember and need to go to the end of the message looking for the link to unsubscribe? The Gmail will make things easier for you.

The Google yesterday released a new in Gmail that puts the link to unsubscribe there at the top of the message, next to the email sender. Stays like this:

But will not all the emails of the type that will receive the new link. Only messages that fall in promotions tabs, social or Gmail Forums and contain a link to unsubscribe will receive the link repositioned.

As its Google said in a post on Google+, the news is good both for those who receive email as to the sender. The first group to stop receiving unwanted messages more easily; the second, because it avoids being marked as spam and ensures that only really interested people keep getting.

You can do a search in your Gmail and start unsubscribing from lists that do not want right now: the links sender’s email side are already working.