Islamic Court in Nigeria Bans Twitter and Facebook

The Islamic court in the Nigerian city of Kaduna banned local civil liberties advocacy groups use tools like Twitter and Facebook to communicate. Tremendously linked to ancient customs, the punishment for those who dare to disobey the order is nothing less than the amputation of limbs.

The decision was taken after conservative groups pro-Sharia (“the way”, or moral conduct guide that should be adopted by a true Islamic faith) argued that progressive organizations could use the technology to “conspiring” against the traditionalists and “corrupt” society. The Defense Group Civil Liberties Nigeria, one of the most affected by the new determination, said the network BBC that will appeal the verdict.

“The order given is that it prevents and prohibits the creation of discussion forums on Facebook, Twitter or blog to discuss the amputation of Malam Buba Bello Jangebe,” said the judge overseeing the case, citing the case of the first man to be convicted by an Islamic court in the country. In 2000 Jangebe lost his right hand after being blamed for the theft of a cow.

The Islamic courts are werent common in Nigeria, and although usually limited to taking care of domestic issues such as marriage and divorce, its judges have can condemn people to amputation or death by stoning, for example, but rarely these convictions are put forward . Currently Sharia is in force in 12 of the 36 states of the country and citizens can choose under that system they would like to live.

Anyway, while Google claims that the Chinese government reportedly has promoted the invasion of all e-mail two human rights activists, other places on earth show us that the thing always has an immense potential to worsen.