Isabella’s Bags of Different Style

Handbags women to be beautiful, to be expensive, right? Dead wrong! Designer models are even a luxury, but are not even the only option for you to use. There are always good brands with attractive prices that do not need so many zeros after the first two to three digits. A stock option BBB (good, nice and cheap) are the bags Isabella Piu.

Scholarships Isabella Piu are products of Xeryus manufacturer, manufacturer. The brand launches models twice a year and acts in representation branch. In other words, is not a designer and not a women’s handbags brand with its own shops, can be found at authorized dealers. You can buy wholesale (lot) bags Isabella Piu and resell in your store or friends if desired.

Scholarships Isabella Piu has more than six years in the market and won the audience with a combination of beauty and style and price into account. Its main competitors are famous brands and designer labels and always very active in the market. For a small and no store brand, there is nothing to complain about, is not it? All Bags Isabella Piu are sold in domestic and no international reach, at least not yet.

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Bags Isabella Piu Models

Not because you are not facing a designer to expect the worst. All right that Isabella Bags Piu have no precious stones or limited edition lines as giants, but also do ugly. Most of his models are shoulder bag, or side with short handles. All are made ​​of leather and colors and fashions combinations is the major focus and strong brand. The Isabella Piu know use with style combinations like blue and red and is just cool.

Models with double handle are always a good investment for the working woman. Isabella Pia works with removable handle or enlargeable through extra strap to be attached on the sides and become a messenger bag. On the weight is mair or are tired of using side pockets, this is your best investment.

All original Bags Isabella Piu comes with a lovely kiss hanging metallic flower, symbol of the brand, as a key chain. Also they have lining and varnished finish to brighten and protect the leather and synthetic materials used in the composition. There are many flat and some more fun prints for those who love color combinations and modern models.

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Bags Isabella Piu Prices

The price is certainly the best part of Isabella Bags Piu. From R $ 50 you can already find a basic model of hand. Most items brand costs around R $ 150. The most expensive found in the market is no more than R $ 300, and that for its newly launched models. Most popular is the same and the reach of most.

You may be wondering: why buy bags of a brand not so known and R $ 300? one reason is the quality of the product. An imitation of a Prada costs the same amount just for you wear a designer, but with infinitely inferior. Is it worth it? It is best to invest in a popular brand that will make your investment last or a famous brand and spend years paying the item or no money for the rest of the visual? Sometimes paying less is paying more.

The best-known stores selling bags Isabella Piu are Dafiti, Kallan, Extra, Marisa, Catmania, and many others. The prices are the same. Physical stores also sell the product in Brazil.