Iphone: Apple For This Year Working On Three Models?

The Apple Watch has not even made it into the shelves of Apple retail stores, and already she’s cooking again the rumor mill surrounding the company from Cupertino.

The current Court: The successor to the immensely successful iPhone 6. The newest spice from the bag of tricks of the chefs of rumor: Apple will present plus three successor for the two model 6 iPhone and iPhone 6 this year.

Back To The Roots: 4 Inch Display

Last year, Apple the previous size of iPhone models (4 inch) 4.7 inch that had increased plus iPhone 6 and 5.5 inches for the iPhone 6. This step was well received by customers. In the first quarter, Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones. However, there are enough customers who want back the “old” display size.

According to the publication DIGITIMES – which is admittedly not always right when it comes to Apple – Apple should listen this year on the wishes of the customer. In addition to a iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus, where the display sizes preserves, Apple will introduce an iPhone 6 c with a four inch large display.

Fingerprint Scanner For The Iphone 6C.

It may be assumed that Apple will be for the inner workings of the iPhone 6 s and the iPhone 6 s plus a lot come up. The iPhone 6c, however, should be equipped with the A8 chip, currently works in the current iPhones. For the new models, Apple will reportedly develop a new chip called A9.

Apple will also equip each of new devices with a fingerprint scanner for the TouchID, as well as an NFC chip, it is called DIGITIMES. This will continue to spread the payment system contribute ApplePay that is not yet supported in Germany.