iPhone 6s Vs. iPhone 6: The Cameras Compared

How much better is the camera the iPhone 6 iPhone 6 s compared to its predecessor? To test this, we were on the streets of Hamburg.

iPhone 6s Vs. iPhone 6 The Cameras Compared-1

A “State of the art sensor, a new image signal processor, advanced pixel technology, focus pixels and optimized local tone mapping”. Apple promises a lot for the iPhone 6s, the aperture is unaltered f2. 2. The camera has become not will thus. The optical image stabilizer plus is still only in the iPhone 6 s and is available now for video recordings available. Remains at the iPhone 6s it in an automatic, or better said digital image stabilizer. Also notable changes are live photos, 4K-Videos, panoramic shots with 63 instead of 43 mega pixels and a display that lights up when Selfies as a flash light. These are the new features. But how does this affect the image quality of the new camera in everyday life? This we have been on the road with the old and the new iPhone in the streets of Hamburg.

The iPhone 6 Camera And iPhone 6s Compared

Night shots both cameras deliver grainy recordings and nearly identical implement the available light. For a scaled-down view, seem slightly sharper images of the iPhone 6, if you look at the photos in their original size, striking, however, that the iPhone 6 s more details are and as a result, everything is a little sharper and crisp.

The differences are not huge, but overall, the shots of the iPhone work 6s always something crunchy – both on the saturation of the colors and the attention to detail. Especially in dark or shady areas are a little bit more details to see.

iPhone 6s Vs. iPhone 6 The Cameras Compared-2

When shooting with room lighting are hardly any difference between the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6. Both deliver photos that reduced look okay, stay at closer look very grainy. Only minimal differences are colour-coded, of which I can say which look more natural. The TrueTone flash light to give better skin tones. In the test were at the iPhone 6 better than when the iPhone 6s, which photographed clearly yellow – but so many factors play a role in flash photography, that is also after some test pictures no definitive statement about make you, whether one of the flash light is better. For me they move both on same level – even if it doesn’t show that the example photo.

The Selfies is noticeable, that the recordings colors and even more clearly than with the main camera even when crisp sharpness effect the iPhone 6 s. The skin looks less pale in the sunlight. If room lighting, recognize significant artifacts. It also the display doesn’t change, that acts as a flash light. At a more or less normal lighting it is noticeable only by reflection in the glasses.

Panoramic images, you can zoom even better individual snippets. The enlarged resolution lets you see more details. As usual composed the software very precisely images of the iPhone 6 s. At most, there might be problems, if an object is moving too fast.

iPhone 6s Vs. iPhone 6 The Cameras Compared-3

The camera app from iOS 9 remains unchanged in principle. New photos in the middle of the top line with the quick settings, as well as the option to be able to activate the Flash at a Selfie are only the button for live. I would have liked but already by Apple some more ease. So I can not choose the video resolution in the camera app, for example. If I want to shoot in 4 K, I need cumbersome enable high resolution in the iPhone settings under the menu item “Photos & camera” – and also deactivate.

Got Back Somewhat Better

The improvements to the camera jump the iPhone 6 s despite the 50 percent greater resolution directly in the eye. But they are there and not to deny. In many details, the iPhone 6 s delivers better pictures. But not so much that I would trust me in a blind test to detect a picture was taken with what Smartphone, but a direct comparison they can fight off. The Selfies are an exception: here are the improvements seen clearly.

The camera is still not a compelling argument to an iPhone 6 through an iPhone 6s to replace, but it has become better again this year. The upgrade worth compared to the iPhone 5s.

The images in this article are reduced for technical reasons. You can find our test photos in original resolution in our dropbox.