iPhone 6S Cost Apple 1,540 Crowns to Produce

With a total cost in the production of the new iPhone 6S on only 1,540 crowns serve Apple-again-torrential with money.

It’s no secret that Apple with great success earning rushing with money on its popular products. It comes just from iPhones and iPods to MacBooks and iMacs.

It should be stressed once again, of a new statement from Bank of America’s investment bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The big investment bank has gone the brand new iPhone 6S after at the seams and has then assessed how much of the value of components for.

The biggest cost in the production of iPhone 6S with 64 GB of internal storage space is semiconductor electronics to 838 kroner, which covers over a large number of components. This category is the most expensive part of the different antennas to get related to the telecommunications company’s master with a price of 238 dollars. Then follows the new 64-bit A9 processor to 165 kroner, NFC chip and fingerprint reader costs 145 dollars and 64 GB of internal storage space cost 138 dollars.

The other important components of the iPhone screen, the camera and the battery is 6S, which assembled stands for an expense at 486 kronor. Finally, there is alluminiumsrammen and other small parts with a price of 217 kroner.

All in all, run it up the only 1,541 kroner per produced iPhone 6S, which amazingly is 186 dollars more expensive than the previous iPhone 6. You look at one of the competitor, Samsung, smartphones, Galaxy S6 edge, using South Koreans significantly more on production than Apple. The entire 2.045 crowns goes there to produce the smart phone with the curved screen.

It is worth noting that in both calculations does not take reservations for which additional small sums that are at the manufacture and shipment of the phones. With a suggested retail price in the United States at $ 749, or 4,935 crowns, it is at least clear that Apple-again-serves the box on iPhones. The profit per phone are estimated for to be 3,393 crowns.