Iphone 6 Plus: Big Brother of the Iphone 6

The iPhone 6 is greater. The iPhone 6 plus even greater. The 5.5-inch display is the Apple Smart phone is one of the biggest top models.

The Android followers feixen.

How was that? The iPhone owners always say they want at all no larger display, because otherwise the device is so great and hard to operate? Android lovers would never believe such statements.

Obviously also Tim Cook and team noticed that many customers (or potential customers) on the larger screens of the competition go cross-eyed. This is now not a reason more to change iOS to Android OS: here are the grown iPhones.

iPhone 6 plus in the GIGA test:

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iPhone 6 plus: big is not always better. But sometimes.

According to AblogtoPhone, the iPhone 5 s screen is 4 inches (it is by the way still in the program, the price has fallen), the iPhone 6 provides 4.7 inches. In addition to these models, that affects iPhone 6 plus with 5.5 inch as follows:

88 percent more viewing area indicates Apple for the 6 plus to the 5 s. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, it offers three times as many pixels as the current Smartphone.

Not everyone will find bigger better. But some people sure do. Because in the Pocket that is iPhone 6 plus not created. Pictures, apps, videos, and more for shine greater than in a better quality. The operation will be easier in some cases (because more space). Software technically, Apple enters 5.5 inch a landscape homescreen with a push down until of the screen (for the one hand operation).

On the hardware side, it is better equipped than the smaller brothers in some points. To do this but just more, we come to the…

Casing of the iPhone 6 plus: round case

After the last square generations of iPhone 4 to iPhone 5s, Apple has decided again to round off the edges. So will iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are better in your hand. Yes, in many things the two 6 series models-are similar to the size even the housing.

The manufacturer of video:

Like its predecessor it is manufactured, anodized aluminium recently but unibody method. Apple promises a “extremely thin and seamless design”. 7.1 millimeters thick’s and thus anything else is slimmer than its predecessor.

As usual, there are the space grey, silver and gold.

iPhone 6 plus: Vollbepackt with technology

Also the specifications are impressive: in the second generation of 64-bit processor, the Apple A8works. A new processor is also used, the M8 as a second chip for transaction data. It is integrated to constantly and efficiently collect movement data. In the iPhone accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and-new-there are a barometer. The latter measures the air pressure and the relative height.

Apple has improved many more components: for example, the iSight-camera features a new sensor, autofocus should be faster. In contrast to the iPhone 6 offers 6 plus an Optical image technology. Slow motion videos are recorded not only with 120, but even 240 frames per second. Panoramic images can be up to 43 mega pixel large – if the memory is sufficient…

The display has changed not only the size. A “dual-domain-pixel” technology plus in the iPhone 6 is to provide more accurate colors at wider viewing angles. As a contrast ratio specifies Apple iPhone 6 plus 1300:1, for which only the iPhone 6 offers even more with 1400:1. For comparison: the value at the good 5s and 5c was 800:1.

The quality of telephone should still rise with Voice over LTE. The standard 802.11ac included for Wi-Finetworks.

Despite larger display will battery of iPhone 6 plus much longer than when iPhone 5s and 6 keep: 14 hours video playback should be possible, while only 10 hours according to the manufacturer offers 5 s. The standby time is 16 instead of 10 days.

iPhone 6 plus: prices and sales start

The larger model with better facilities will be 100 euros more expensive compared to the smaller brother. Specifically, this means:

  • iPhone 6 plus 16 GB: 799 euro*
  • iPhone 6 plus 64 GB: 899 euro*
  • iPhone 6 plus 128 GB: 999 euro*

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Launch of the iPhone 6 plus is the 19th September, pre-orders will be accepted from tomorrow, Friday.

Conclusion with regard to the iPhone 6 plus

The size is a matter of taste. With the iPhone 6 and 6 plus had to close Apple but a gap in the portfolio.
Who wants the best piece iOS technology from Apple that needs access to the iPhone 6 plus and not to a smaller model actually: as (more) arguments for the 5.5-inch product, we include the optical image stabilization in the camera and especially the significantly longer battery life.

We will find any vulnerabilities in the first test. However, we can assume that Apple offers us a technology piece of first cream.