Invitations and Information about Nexus Resurfaces

As usual, new phones not quite secret, and there is, once again, news about the upcoming Nexus phones in the form of, among other things, the names

It belongs to the rare for a new phone can hold on to all its secrets until the big launch, and may the upcoming Nexus phones No. In any case, there is once again new leaks about the upcoming Google phones.
Huawei Nexus-new details leaked
The name of the LG-produced the smaller of the two upcoming models are already out, and it will be Nexus sevet 5 x, we get to greet before long. The site have, however, heard from his sources that the next Nexus phone, such as Huawei, are going to produce is called Nexus 6 p.

Another American site, namely, via its source network found out that Nexus 6 p should be the first of its kind that offers up to 128 GB built-in storage space-Nexus-series has never been over 64 GB on the point.

More precisely, there should be three configurations in relation to storage space in the Nexus 6 p-32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.

The site ponders further about the fact that this could indicate that there will be no option to expand storage with an SD card into the Nexus 6 p, although they would not rule it out completely.

Nexus 5 x according to according to android police’s information comes in two flavors with respectively.16 GB and 32 GB storage space, and when so not up at the same heights as his brother produced by Huawei.

Last but not least, there is as good as probably come a date for when Google will show its two new units. As you can see below, Google has sent an invitation to the American media to the 29. September. Be strongly up to Android Marshmallow, and I wonder if there also comes a few new Nexus phones officially to the world too.