Intel Presents Your Intelligent Sports Bra

One of the main problems that we have to choose an appropriate sports bra is its setting and its adaptation to our body, that seems not to be a problem for the Chromat Aeros Sports Bra, presented by Intel and Chromat at New York fashion week, because it is of a Smart sports bra that can change shape according to the reactions of our body.

The new one Sports Bra, It is still a prototype but it sounds promising if we think of its main function: keep us cool and help control high body temperatures, something that can influence our performance during exertion.

The Aeros Sports Bra is made of lycra, neoprene, cotton, and a printed fiber 3D detects body heat and sweat and then opens a small air vents for cooling the body of who uses it to prevent shock from heat and fatigue to an excess of body temperature can produce.

In addition, incorporates the Intel Curie, a small device the size of a finger that includes bluetooth, accelerometer, gyroscope and memory, so perhaps this new intelligent sports bra, as well as adapt to the needs of the body and refresh ourselves when we need it, can pick up our training data, store and transmit them to a mobile application.

These are the first data we know of the new Smart sports bra presented by Intel and Chromat, which has a pleasant design, suitable for use as a unique garment perfectly.

We expect more information soon, this smart bra ideal for athletes who seek comfort while in the market, available for sale.