I’m Thinking of Getting a Cat and Where to Start?

Posted by Dog citizen in 20/may/2015-

By Cassia R Cardoso dos Santos, student and Citizen Dog Team behavioral consultant.

In fact, the answer to this question begins even before the arrival of the kitten! Yes, there are some steps that can be taken before you brought him, that will be a guarantee of security and peace of mind for everyone.

Screens on the Windows

The first measure concerns the install screens on all the Windows, balconies and color glasses of the apartment – even if you live on the first floor. That’s because, curious explorers by nature, and it is not uncommon to hear stories of cats who fell from Windows of apartments.

This measure aims therefore assure the complete safety of the cat to sunbathe or have fun watching the outside world. Also avoids visits (perhaps unwanted) next door.


Another good suggestion is to separate a room in the House for the cat stay in the early days. Cats take time to adapt fully to a new site. They need to be fully confident that don’t run any kind of risk for, only then, go back to your normal behavioral State, when they start to explore new environments.

It is precisely in order to facilitate this adaptation that ideally leave it only in a room at the beginning. There must also be placed bottles of water and pet food, pet bed, sand boxes (in opposite to the walks and canisters, because cats don’t like to your needs next to where they eat and sleep) and fun toys.

When it comes to the adoption of an adult cat, ideally, be objects with which he was already used in the old home, so he can have those references in the new House. It may be that the full exploitation of this mild environment days, but you have to let the cat free to do it at your pace.

At first, he may even stay off the grid. But the trend is that, after noting that there are no predators and there are secure locations (and loud!) to serve as “refuge”, he gets more curious and independent. Only when the cat is eating and doing in this room normally needs to release it to explore other home environments. Everything always calmly, without haste, to give the Kitty safety and confidence he needs.

Power supply

Cats tend to be quite selective in terms of food and, when subjected to stressful situations, tend to lose my appetite, and may be long periods without feeding, which is not good for health.

So, with the arrival of an adult cat, it’s worth leaving the hottest power, adding more flavorful ingredients, which will provide, including, good associations with the new environment.

Positive associations

In this regard, to the arrival at home is made as quiet for the cat, it is important to always make him associate elements of the new home the fun and pleasurable consequences.

The same goes for the family members who will live with him! It is important not to force physical contact or scary situations for him. For example: If there’s a new cat in the House and is aware that a professional will need to fix a sink, for example, it’s good to let the new inhabitant safe in a room, so it does not associate the place and people with frights and unpredictable noises.

This environment should be filled with things he likes to do, as well as hiding places (House, etc.), if he prefers to keep quiet. With these simple steps, you can ensure that the arrival of the cat to the new home is quiet and becomes the beginning of a relationship full of good memories!

Source: BitCão.