Ideal Nails for Each Sign: Right Color for Each Style

We are in one of the periods of greater appreciation of the nails. Women today take colors, details and that ramos is one of the fastest growing in the world. And how do we know that the nail colors to express the style for each woman, the zodiac signs also have their own features.

Each style reflects the personality and the way a person, and that’s precisely why there are colors and glazes that are so successful among certain signs. Check out the ideal nail for each sign:

.Aries: Women of this sign tend to be brave and impulsive. Unafraid to give cheeks, she likes to appear and your nails should be well made. Ideally, the Red enamel, with effects ranging from the glitter to the effects with other tones. Highlighting the pearlescent.

Bull: the most vadosas that exist, the tourinas like abuse in the production and mixing accessories that don’t always match. Proud and nothing discreet, they love shades of pink and other vibrant tones. The coverage that can not miss is the glitter. Emphasis on the dealhes in strass.

Twins: How are very adaptable and get tired quickly of the things, the geminis do not have a specific color. They prefer to vary, always trying new things. Glazes and shimmering holographic are between your favorites since they cause a mutant and entertaining effect. Highlighting tinctures with effect foil.

Cancer: Romantic and very discreet, the women of this sign dislike very strong tones. Earn your preference most basic colors such as nude and pink.Without cover, classic and retro tones are always among the most used by them.Emphasis on tone coral.

Lion: Extroverted and confident, the unconscionable are very sociable and love to be always surrounded by friends. That’s why they don’t save in shades of red and gold, without fear of seem exaggerated. Silver nails worth mentioning.

Virgo: The virginianas are extremely detail-oriented. Despite being conservative, they usually bet on details like French and English girl, in addition to the miniature flowers and decorations. Even when adopting more discrete tones like crayons, they keep the nails always very well cared for following manicure tips.

Libra: Women of this sign are very particular about the color of your nails. Always check out the trends, they die of fear to look tacky and so just use what they know to be very tasteful. This can mean classic or modern tones, depending on the style.

Scorpio: The Scorpio’s are the hottest of all. Smart and very determined, they bet in shades which refer to the art of conquest and the atmosphere of romance. Thus, are among your favorite colors red, wine and black.Emphasis on the more sophisticated finishes.

Sagittarius: Extravagant and very sociable. This is how we can define the women of Sagittarius. Although sin by excess often, they are extremely proud and prefer to bet on the craziest and exotic tones. That’s why they opt for Orange in most cases. Especially the blue.

Capricorn: Incredibly professional and competitive, the capricornianas hate to be too conspicuous. That is why their favorite colors are gray and nude. Some dark tones like purple and violet are also on your list of favorites. Emphasis on the green.

Aquarium: Very independent and always optimistic, the aquarianas does not hold to the trends. Often use what I want and so are not really linked to colors. The submission as craquelados and 3D give an amazing effect.

Fish: By Yes, the most romantic of all. Dreamy and sensitive the piscinianas prefer the more delicate tones like lilac and baby pink. The classic nude and pastel are also among their favorites. How are very doubtful, they may regret it easily that they choose. Emphasis on the pink.