Ice Watch

The Belgian watchmaker Ice Watch has achieved something that only a few labels succeed-to create an accessory that instantly recognized and due to its unique design will be popular fashion lovers around the world.

I myself was anything but a passionate watch wearer until I my first model of the trend labelhad the wrist.

Meanwhile, have two more Ice Watches joined the event and I’m not separable from my stylish companions.

With this unique trend-Pieces is the view of the time for pure pleasure!

A label Conquers The World

Founded in 2007 by Jean-Pierre Lutgen, it took a few years to Ice Watch with its gaudy, colorful designs the hearts of watch enthusiasts conquered the world. The bright colors and slightly transparent housing the it-pieces made ​​the Ice Watches within the shortest possible time to coveted, global phenomenon.

Today the cult are watches available in over 110 countries and adorn the wrists of style-conscious fashion enthusiasts around the world. Due to the trend label has this success an almost limitless range of striking designs, which now say in over 30 different collections and writing includes 500 unique models.

To help you get started in the truly vast and motley Ice Watch World a little, I would like to introduce the following my personal favorite collections of men’s watches via Rrrjewelry.


The Ice-Alu Collection embodies everything the label Ice Watch is – unique designs and bright colors.

The Aluminium Collection is, as the name suggests, completely of luxuriously iridescent, made ​​of high quality aluminum.

So worked the trendy timepiece is not only very light and comfortable to wear, but also a great companion to modern, elegant looks that he terrific funk with its elegant shimmer. A true statement piece Accessory!

My current favorite Ice Watch is the way the turquoise model of this collection.

Ice-Chrono Party

The new Ice-Chrono Party Collection impresses with its sporty fresh, contemporary design.

The primary color of this young collection is radiant, pure white, which is combined with brightly colored elements and typical of Ice Watch transparent bezel.

The Chrono-party models are currently the most sought after watches the giant Ice Watch-range, the most come most beautiful in combination with sporty casual outfits advantage.


Even the trendy vintage trend , which employs the world of fashion for several seasons, the celebrated watchmaker has created the perfect, elegant companion.

The Ice-vintage models interpret the style of days gone by new and conjure timeless vintage flair wrist.

With its unusually calm tones and high-quality, hand-sewn leather straps These stylish timepieces practice in making understatement which also sending Evening Looks works great and is the noble eye-catcher.