IBM Creates Artificial Intelligence System for Stuffed Animals

In the spotlight in recent weeks due to the good performance of its supercomputer Watson in the program television Jeopardy! The IBM apparently still has many cards up his sleeve for the future. The turn is a system of artificial intelligence that can be incorporated into stuffed animals and other toys in an attempt to help in education and social small tract.

For now called Adaptive Behavioral Training System in Real Time and Command Intermediation (in translation), the news was revealed by means of an application for patent noo marks office and patents US. In his description, the company shows the possible applications of its creation:

“For example, in a child who is too competitive with their playmates the interaction data can include operations that can be performed by the interactive device, that help to be less rough with other children. In an interaction the system can send a voice message, in strict tone, asking that the child be more gentle, while at another time can be kinder to ask if ‘she would like to be treated the way they treated the other kids’. ”

Curious, but I think I’ve seen it somewhere. OH, WAIT: