Hydro Health Water Purifier Filter

Health is strongly associated with the quality of water we ingest every day. To keep the water always clean and free of harmful micro-organisms, you need filter for home use.

Hydro Health Water Purifier Filter

Water filter is a simple product and run from a central plug which retains all the impurities from the water. They are capable of removing impurities from the water and one of its advantages is that they do not need to use electricity.

Knowing the types of filters on the market

– Clay filter: It is considered as the most efficient model in the segment to clean the water of dirt. Space ceramic filter is that it good for retention of chlorine, pesticides, iron, and aluminum, tin (95% retention) and still retain 99% of cryptosporidiosis (the parasite that causes the disease). Cleaning is also simple. Just spend a loofah with detergent inside, outside as well as candle products. To dry, simply use a cloth. Important detail: when the filter element became yellow, the ideal is to exchange a new one.

– Pressure Filter: They offer a high water flow and maintain sludge particles, rust and sand. Before selecting a model, you must know the voltage of the place where it will be installed, if the product needs a power point. It is also always advisable to pay attention to the model, as appropriate adapter may be required. For cleaning, it is advisable not to use steel wool or aggressive liquids. The ideal is to clean the filtered water outlet with a new tooth brush (do not use a brush that is used, can transfer bacteria into the water outlet) and remove the contamination with a clean cloth.

No pieces of the cartridge can be reused. The ideal is to change the whole section, but do not do this exchanges while the cartridge is used.

– Filter with support gallon: brackets gallon is not only connected to the water network, but also offer natural water or ice. Gallons of water returned to be purchased from distributor. Rata average they have three – year warranty, but are ideal for brands of water before consumption.

Learn the types of fountains available in the market:

Fountains are also practical and economical, which is used in places with a lot of movement of people. They have the function of electricity and coupled to a reservoir containing fluid or supplies fed by pipes that use treated water.

– Pressure drink: drinking fountain in a tower format that we find usually available in school corridors and malls. Filtering the water received by the pipe and provides a clean and fresh at any time without changing bottles or wait thickens. Filtering performed by the system activate carbon to absorb impurities in the water. Models are available in the market have a thermostat that provides control of water temperature 4 ° C and 15 ° C, in addition to polished steel sink and two taps: Jet and cup. It should be installed in a ventilated area, out of the direct rays of the sun or objects that emit heat such as stoves, furnaces and fireplaces.

– Bottle drinkers: They have the same model with a gallon filters because they also have a plastic jug above that needed to be replaced when empty. This model is recommended for the formation of the low turnover of people. You must have a place to back up an empty bottle, in addition to having a person in charge and available to exchange them. They also found in electric model, which allows the water to freeze.

It is important to clean the water cooler every gallon of exchange to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. Wash with a mixture of one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of mineral water. Use a new sponge and keep it for this procedure.

– Trough with compressor: This is the most traditional and well known in the market. This model is recommended for sites with a reasonable flow of people, such as home and office. They have a high cooling capacity, which can pass from the 50 liters of water per day.

– Trough with electronic boards: the filter is a greater advantage for energy efficiency. The system consists of tiles thermal runs through the Peltier effect, in which the chip thermoelectric consists of joints of different metals, one of which is processed to act as P – type material readily accept electrons and the other acts as an N – type materials, with the ease of electron donation. There are some intersections connected thermally in parallel and electrically in series. 40% more economical in power consumption, this model has limitations cold water per day, and therefore it is suitable for places with little flow of people.