Huawei P8 16GB Mystic Champagne

The Huawei P8 16gb Mystic Champagne we have introduced you to in a previous post a bit, to see even here presented Huawei P8 16gb mystic champagne . Meanwhile, we have taken the smartphone from Huawei detail under the microscope and report to you today about our experiences with the  P8.

Was made ​​possible us this test of Instyle Germany which action were 25 readers as part of the “Get your Style Phone” and we had to be chosen very fortunate as a tester. We have the Huawei P8 with our holiday Egypt taken and tested in this context the smartphone to all functions out comprehensively.

The scope of supply were:

Of course, the Huawei P8 16gb in color Mystic Champagne

And the necessary accessories:

  • power plug
  • Micro USB data and charging cable
  • Headset
  • SIM Tray Ausdrücknadel
  • User Guide

Packaging and Design:

Alone the elegantly designed packaging already triggers anticipation. The Huawei P8 with accessories is supplied in a black box and Step by Step come during unpacking the products to light. The cardboard box is used for outer protection of the actual case for the smartphone. This consists of a black shiny box made ​​of plastic, which can boast a very elegant appearance. The lid is reminiscent of smoked glass and is provided with a subtle golden P8 Logo.

Taking the second, black cover from which can Huawei P8 be easily removed from the packaging. What emerged then two more boxes, which include the accessories and the instruction manual, which is evident by the silver imprints.

Overall, we find that Huawei has a lot of effort in terms of design, practicality and storage ability of the products and this has paid off. We loved optics, maneuverability, and the logical structure of the package completely convinced.

Specifications of Huawei P8 *:

OS / GUI Android 5.0 Lollipop / Huawei EMUI 3.1
Display / technology / resolution (pixel density) 5.2 inches / IPS / 1080 x 1920 (444 dpi)
Display brightness / black level / contrast 353 cd / m² / 0.23 cd / m² / 1535: 1
Processor / cores x stroke HiSilicon Kirin 930 Octa Core (64 Bit) / 4 x 1,5 GHz, 4 x 2 GHz
graphic Mali-T624 MP4
RAM / Internal memory (free) 3 GB / 16 GB (ca. 10 GB)
Removable memory microSDHC, up to 200 GB
Wireless Mobile 4G Cat.4 bis 150 Mbit/s Down, 50 Mbit/s Up (UMTS, HSDPA+, HSUPA)
main camera 13 megapixels (optical image stabilizer) RGBW, OIS, autofocus, front camera 8 megapixel dual LED flash (2-color), video light
front camera 8 Megapixel
Heat build normal operation / load that. 39 ° C / ca. 49 ° C
battery pack
LiPo 2680 mAh, not interchangeable
Battery life / charging time that. Tag 1 (Normal), ca. 1.5 Tage (Intelligent) / ca. 3 Stunden
Dimensions (H x W x D)
144,9 x 72,1 x 6,4 mm
weight 144 g

The first Impression:

When we P8 Huawei held for the first time in his hands, we were pleasantly surprised. The shiny golden back in connection with the frame elements is currently in vogue, and Huawei is this followed with flying colors. The smartphone is only 6.4mm thin and with only 144g, it is very light in the hand. The device is not waterproof, but at least nano-coated. This means that it is protected from steam, water or raindrops.

Even for me as a woman is the P8 not too big and I can reach all of the elements on the screen easily.Visually we like it also exceptionally good. There is also the possibility of one-hand operation, it is wiped with the finger on the screen from left to right-or vice versa.

The physical features of the Huawei P8:

In the upper part there is the connection for the headset, and a microphone. Here the supplied earphones can be connected, which serve as an antenna for the integrated radio app. This is factory installed.

On the lower side of the Micro-USB port for data and charging cable and the speaker openings. At this point, the smartphone can be charged, or be used for data transmission.
Laterally right are two slots for nano-Sim and microSD memory card. Further, the on / off button and the volume control has been attached to this point. On the left side was completely omitted features.

The display of the P8:

On the bottom of the display are the softkeys to control the Huawei P8 . With the arrow key to go back to the previous page, press on the circle, the device positions to the home screen. If you click on the square all currently open applications popping up that you can easily connect up with a mop.

Unfortunately, the screenshots the crisp quality of FullHD display not to the extent again, as is the case in reality. The Full HD resolution offers brilliant colors and the brightness is great – even when the sun shines.

The home screen offers a variety of customization options, so that every user can pursue his individual wishes. We find that service is a mix between Android and iOS applications, which was helpful to us in the use of part. Stefan used an Android and I iOS system, so that we are both familiar to use and also unfamiliar again found.

All in all, one finds after a short period of fast with the Huawei P8 cope and come to the main functions very quickly, as the P8 is logical and intuitive.

The memory of the Huawei P8:

Currently there are in Germany only the 16-gigabyte version. This is without for your own use left about 8.5 GB, which is not too much unfortunately. Situation can be rectified with a microSD memory card here. This allows the phone to up to 200 GB expand.

The Huawei P8 Battery:

As with many new smartphones of the P8 battery is not replaceable. If the phone is fully charged, ranging from 100% for about 11 hours at ordinary operation. Photographed one z. B. much, the battery pack runs much faster and has reached its limit in about 8 hours. The charge takes when connected to a power outlet for about 3 hours, the smartphone is connected to the laptop, the charging time increases significantly. It can then take up to 5 hours until the battery is fully recharged.

The device remembers the background of apps that consume too much power and can be closed.Furthermore, we find the ability to scan the phone so as to make possible energy guzzlers find in the settings.