HTC One M9: Sense 7 Comic Avatars Can Make Of You

A new scraps of Info for the upcoming HTC one M9 (a taiwan company): How the leak specialist of Upleaks reported on his new Web site, the HTC’s own surface should be equipped sense 7 with a fresh special ability. With their help you can make apparently attractive comic book avatars of you in future.

The new feature of the sense 7 user interface according to Upleaks like the app MomentCam is to work. With it, you can turn, for example, a Selfie of you directly in a comic drawing. It is however not known whether also the Nice additional effects will be the app to the post-processing of your comic image in sense 7 available. MomentCam offers various backgrounds and also fun elements, such as colored beards, glasses and hats that you can build into the drawings.

HTC One M9 Sense 7 Comic Avatars Can Make Of You

The First New Software Feature Of The HTC One M9

The HTC one M9, at the sense to be 7 interface installed, to create the possibility of easy way funny avatars and profile pictures for Messenger and other services provides you with the digital comic drawings. But now again, Upleaks has removed from its homepage the news, but he says on Twitter that this had only happened because he would divulge only even more extensive leaks in the future. Officially confirmed the first software feature is the HTC one M9 but still, but the leak expert in the past was not, just what’s news about the manufacturer from Taiwan, often right. Also owner of a HTC one M8 can look forward at least a little on the new feature in sense 7, because they also want the new UI receive per update when the HTC one M9 has appeared only once.