HTC 10: Made in China

Despite generally positive reviews (including ours) and the first sales figures “exceeding expectations” on the Taiwan market, the China debut of HTC 10 hasn’t been particularly positive. After 11 days of opening of pre-sales on two of the country’s leading e-commerce platforms, TMall and Jingdong Mall orders collected are just 251 units.

In China, Android is extremely fierce competition on the field: Xiaomi, Meizu, Oppo, LeEco, Verne and Lenovo offer interesting terminals at a fraction of the usual prices all of HTC. But it may not be the only motivation: apparently, even in China, HTC has made a ” Lifestyle’s move”, proposing a HTC Snapdragon SoC 652 10 with nerfed version instead of the top of the range Snapdragon 820.

Now, one can hardly define S652 “poor”, since in some benchmark beats even the Snapdragon 810, but is not “top of the line”-especially by calculating the cost of 3799 Chinese Yuan (511 euros). By comparison, the top version of Xiaomi Mi 5, with ceramic back and S820, costs about 2400rn.

HTC 10 Phone

As a result of the news, the company’s shares have collapsed of 10 percent. HTC declined to comment, but results so poor they would put in question even the marketing of the device among the leadership.

HTC 10 is available online from Tellycelly to 639 euro. The value for money is discreet. There are 7 better models. To see the other 4 offers click here.